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A New Light

Heroes are never born…

Before Jak became a hero, a horrible secret surrounded her birth. Witness the beginning of that secret as we follow her father while he searches for his wife, and finds more than he could possibly imagine.

Now he’s faced with a choice. Follow orders, or turn against his comrades. What will he do when his wife’s safety is on the line?

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Out of Shadow

Magic in the air. Demons on the hunt. To save the kingdom, one girl must uncover her hidden abilities.

In a world bursting with magic, Jak’s ill-chosen powers seem worthless. When she needed them most, her enchantments were nothing compared to the horde of demons that raided her village and murdered her father. Determined to fulfill his dying wish and prove her worth, she sets off on a desperate quest to find her long-lost mother.


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Growing Ripples

Magic in the air. Demons on the hunt. To save the kingdom, one girl must uncover her hidden abilities.

Jak is finally doing what she loves, learning the secrets of magic. But when the queen summons her to meet in private, she discovers that not everything in Skyecliff is as it seems.

Now she must find a way to keep to her studies and combat a growing threat within the city itself. Encounters with new friends and another species of Fae reveal that Jak is more important to the fate of the kingdom than she ever thought possible.


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Through Fire

Magic in the air. Demons on the hunt. To save the kingdom, one girl must uncover her hidden abilities.

After leaving Skyecliff, Jak finds herself trapped in the endless caverns of Mt. Harafast. And she is not alone. More Fae find themselves enslaved by the misguided Watchers, and their leader is more powerful than anything Jak has seen before.


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Into Storm

A storm comes, with demon faces.

Jak has made it this far, escaping the clutches of the monster, Cain, and reuniting with her friends and the Fae, but not without cost. Now an army waits to destroy them as the enemies of the Fae increase in number. Jak must do all she can to protect them, but she may not be strong enough to defeat the queen’s army alone.


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To World’s Above

As she is pursued deeper into the mountains, Jak must face her own inner demons.

Jak is on the run. After the mysterious reappearance of her friend, Marek, she must decide whether to stay with the body of her army, or go off in search of the illusive second Pillar of Eternity.


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What is Illadar?

Illadar is a fantasy world created by author Jason Hamilton. It primarily consists of his original fiction, though some fiction is inspired by various great works of literature. Right now that world consists of the following:

  • The Roots of Creation series: A series outlining the origin of the world, Illadar, and its population with humans and various other races.

There are many more series coming in the future, and we will keep you updated here. Check out our newsletter for more frequent updates.

Illadar is part of a larger shared universe called the Argoverse, which also includes other stories, such as the Arthurian Shared Universe which we cover on our sister site.

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Argoverse podcast art

Jason Hamilton

Author, Nerd, Lover of Things

Jason has a deeply seeded love of all things science fiction and fantasy. He especially loves shared universes, which is why he decided to create his own universe, the Argoverse. When he’s not writing, you’ll probably find him diving headlong into the worlds of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, the Cosmere, and the countless sci-fi/fantasy series out there.

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